About Us

We are family!

No, we are not all related. But we are all part of the Chateau MerrillAnne family. Friends, relatives, volunteers who all have made a huge, positive impact on Chateau MerrillAnne Winery and Vineyards. Whether it is planting, harvesting, building or events we can always count on the CMA family to get it done. 

Our first vineyard was planted in 2010

With the help of family and friends our first vineyard was planted in April of 2010. Over the years we have expanded the vineyard, added a new one and also lease vineyard space in various areas of Virginia to give us some geographic diversity. Our first harvest was in 2012. 

Join us and sample the fruit of our labor

In the years that have passed since our first vintage in 2012 Chateau MerrillAnne wines have been recognized for their excellence in local, state and international wine competitions. Come out, have a tasting and see what all the fuss is about.

Who we are

Kenny White


Nutter White

VP Rodent Eradication R.I.P.

Emily White


Lisa Baker

Events Coordinator

Fatty Anne White

Rodent Eradication  R.I.P.

Rodent Eradication R.I.P.

Stephen Furry

Vineyard Manager

Chris White

Assistant Tasting Room Manager

Matt Brady

Construction, Harvesting, Festivals

Virginia Brady

Tasting Room, Harvesting, Festivals

Kurt White

Planting Guru, Driveway Maintenance

Mathew "Peanut" Brady

Certified Wine Barrel Inspector

McKenna "Kenny" Brady

Lead Door Greeter